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Tips for Boosting AC Efficiency This Summer

AC units are highly complex systems made up of many components that work together to cool your home. It takes expert care to maintain and repair your AC when the time comes. You may want to try your hand at making small repairs or tweaks to the unit, but that’s not always safe. However, you can take steps to boost the efficiency and extend the life of your unit at the same time. 

When you need maintenance or repair for your air conditioning in Weatherford, TX, we can help. But what if your AC is running great—or at least seems like it is? Well, then you can follow the steps below to boost your AC’s efficiency and save on your energy bill month after month.

Change Thermostat Settings

It’s hot in the summer, and there’s no way around that. But when you’re in the comfort of your own home you want just that—to be comfortable. Your AC plays a huge role in that by cooling your home. Many homeowners set their thermostats to 71°F, if not lower. But how much could you save by increasing the temperature by a few degrees when you’re home? 

The answer is a lot! The exact amount depends on factors like the size of your home, its insulation, and the outdoor temperature. And when you’re away from home you can turn your thermostat up to 88°F. Then when you get home the temperature is bearable and you can lower it down to a more comfortable temperature. 

Use Your Fans

Ceiling fans and plug-in fans are a great way to make your home feel cooler. They don’t require a lot of energy to run and can make the air feel cooler even with higher temperatures. Fans move air around the room creating an indoor breeze. You can set your thermostat a little higher, turn on your fans, and feel cool all day long. Plus, you’ll save on your energy bills and alleviate some of the strain on your system. 

Remember, you can still save energy by increasing the temperature some of the time. When you want to feel cooler, it won’t hurt to turn your AC down a bit. By implementing these tips even part of the time, you can see a difference. 

Be Sure to Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter is designed to trap dust and contaminants so they don’t get into your AC unit and the air you breathe. When you leave your filter in for longer than be advised that you risk those particles entering your AC unit and circulating back through the air you breathe. This can lead to system damage, strain on the unit, and experiencing allergies or illness more often. 

Make sure you note the date you changed out the filter so you know when it’s time to change it again. Check the filter as early as a week before to see how it looks. If it’s full of dirt and dust, change the filter early. The small cost of changing your air filter more frequently can extend the life of your AC and improve overall air quality. 

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