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Sounds That Are Okay to Hear from Your AC!

It’s common for homeowners to wonder what’s normal and what isn’t when it comes to sounds they hear from their AC units. Understanding what normal AC sounds are and what is concerning can help you troubleshoot problems and avoid costly repairs. Many experts talk about the warning signs you need to listen for, but it’s equally important to identify sounds that are normal to hear—even if your AC only makes the sounds occasionally. 

If you think you need air conditioning repair in Justin, TX, give our team a call. In the meantime, you can rest assured that the sounds below are completely normal to hear coming from your AC.

The Compressor Hums

A slow and steady hum is completely normal when your AC is working to cool your home. The AC doesn’t run constantly, but when it does run, the compressor makes a humming sound. It should be quiet, slow, and even. The humming may change when the compressor first turns on or is cycling down. You can tell if the compressor is on and cooling your home by holding your hand up to an air vent. You’ll feel cool air blowing out. 

When the compressor hums it is helping to circulate in the air charged with refrigerant and circulate out the hot air and moisture from humidity. Keep in mind that something may be wrong if you hear the compressor humming all the time or if it hums but doesn’t blow cold air. Problems are not always loud and obvious. That’s why it’s important to understand when these sounds are normal and how your AC functions. 

The Fan Blows

As your compressor works to cool the air with refrigerant, the fan blows the air through ductwork and out vents into the rooms of your home. The AC fan makes a blowing sound that is often considered white noise. It should be gentle and steady, just like the hum of the compressor. When you hear the fan blowing, you should also feel cool air coming out of your home’s air vents. 

Water Drains From Your AC

As your AC cools the air to blow into your home, it also removes some of the moisture in the air. Too much humidity can make the air feel heavy and hotter than it really is. By taking some of the moisture out of the air, your home feels cooler and more comfortable. You won’t always hear water draining from the AC system, but it isn’t uncommon. You can even see this water drain out of the system outside your home where the exterior portion of your unit is located. Water drains out of the evaporator coil.

Ducts Can Rattle

The ducts that are closest to your main indoor unit are usually metal. When air pressure or temperatures change, this ductwork may rattle as it expands or contracts. This rattling should be a short-lived sound. If it continues rattling as your AC runs or when it turns off, that’s a sign that the ductwork is loose and needs to be secured. 

The Motor Clicks Off

When your AC compressor cycles down to turn off, the motor makes a clicking sound as it slows down. This clicking is completely normal at this stage in the cooling process. If you hear clicking at other times it may signal that something is wrong or a part is loose. You can take time to listen to your unit once or twice as it cycles down to become familiar with the exact clicking sound of your motor so you know when something else is wrong. 

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