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Beware These Noises Coming From Your Furnace

The first time you hear an unusual sound coming from your furnace, you may crop it up to your imagination, or just being a fluke. But if you continue to hear unusual sounds coming from your furnace, there’s definitely a problem you need to address. Sure, your furnace makes some sounds as a part of regular operation, but those sounds should never be loud or alarming.

There are four sounds in particular that are very concerning if they come from your furnace. If you are concerned about the noises coming from your furnace, you may need to invest in furnace repair in Weatherford, TX. In the meantime, you can learn more about the different sounds and understand where they’re coming from and what they mean.

Furnace Screeching

If your furnace is screeching, that’s a sign you have a problem with your motor. It’s usually the bearing that causes a screeching sound. Through usual use, you may hear a chirping noise that sounds almost metallic. The sound happens when the fan’s blower wheel first turns on for a heating cycle. If the wheel is out of alignment, it may screech. 

You may be able to jiggle the wheel and get it back into place. But, if that doesn’t work, you need expert help. While you’re looking at the motor, you can look for signs that the mounting place is warped, or that mounts and bearings are loose. This is all good information to give our team when you call us to schedule an appointment. The more we know, the better prepared we are to help you.

Furnace Rattling

If your furnace rattles when the system is turning on, it could also be the motor bearing. Rattling when your furnace is turning off, could be metal parts that are cooling down. Some of your metal parts are thin enough that they expand and contract with changing temperatures. But, it’s also possible that it is something more serious. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and get rattling sounds checked out.

Furnace Booming

If you hear a loud boom or knock coming from your furnace, it could be that the burners are dirty. Over time, dust, and dirt can get into your system and create a grimy build-up. If the build up is on your burners, it can prevent the ignition process from happening. This means that gas continues to release into your system without being burned to create heat. The gas builds up, and then, when the ignition finally happens, it creates a booming sound because of the combustion.

Solving this problem may be as simple as cleaning off your burners. But allowing it to go on for a long period of time can leave your home and family at risk. You have an increased chance of fire hazards, and also face health consequences if you breathe carbon monoxide gas.

Overtime as your furnace runs, you will be able to identify sounds that are completely normal. Most of these sounds will fade into the background as white noise. When you do you hear anything unusual, you should treat it as an emergency. Turn off your system and give us a call. We can ask questions to learn more about what’s going on and offer advice, in addition to scheduling an appointment to come out and visit your home to check out your furnace.

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