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What Your AC Is Missing

Summer is here and the warm weather is right around the corner. Take a break from inflating those pool floaties, getting propane for the grill, and stocking up on sunscreen. We know that your summer fun focuses on the outdoors, but you’re going to have some warm days inside as well. Make sure that you can cool off the way you need to with the proper AC service in Paradise, TX.

Your AC might be missing a little something. We’re here to help you figure out the puzzle piece that your home is missing. Your air conditioning service is a complex web of parts that all work together. If you want quality service, you need to make sure that every single part of your home is quality.

Defining Your AC Needs

Here are some things that are going to help you understand what your air conditioner needs:

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you find yourself having troubles with your air conditioner, the trouble might actually start with your thermostat itself.

You might think of your thermostat as a glorified light switch, but it’s really so much more than this. It’s the brain of your air conditioning system. If you have one that you’ve had for years, we’d suggest an upgrade. A thermostat upgrade is a simple solution to your air conditioning woes. This is because Wi-Fi and smart thermostats provide you a higher level of control.

A Filter Change

It’s important to change the AC’s filter about once every three months. If you haven’t done this already this season, you have a chance to do this now. Filter changes help you keep your home as clean as possible. Put a recurring reminder on your calendar to do this on a repeated basis and save yourself some energy expenditure.

Seal Up Your Home

If you don’t have the proper amount of insulation in your home, you’re not going to get the right amount of cooling either. Sealing up your home is an important step. If you don’t have the proper insulation, you should take the necessary measures to close up the spaces underneath your doors, around your windows, and in any other small spaces.

Close Your Blinds

It’s important to close up your blinds and curtains during the brightest points of the day. Letting in natural light can be a mood booster, but it’s something that brings the internal temperature of your home up. Make sure you’re preventing this and helping your home stay cool.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Are you investing in the right equipment? If you’ve had ongoing air conditioning troubles, then the trouble could have started when you first got your air conditioner installed. Investing in the right equipment can save you so much trouble down the line.

Investing in the right equipment can be quite a tricky process. If you’re thinking of upgrading soon, you should get in touch with our team members. We’ll make sure to give you the necessary information you need to make an informed purchase.

Contact Don’s AC Service, Inc today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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