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How Your Home’s Air Quality Suffers During Winter

Did you know that indoor air quality tends to be worse in the winter than it is in the summer? There are many factors that go into indoor air quality, and we are going to discuss them all below. You can keep reading to learn more about why your indoor air quality may suffer during the winter and what you can do about it.

Then, give our team a call to schedule an appointment for an air purifier in Decatur, TX. Our team can take a sample of your indoor air and compare the quality to what is considered average so you have an idea of where your indoor air quality stands. We can also talk to you about additional ways to improve your indoor air quality this winter.

Humidity Levels

Humidity levels inside your home play a crucial role in both indoor air quality and overall health. While higher humidity levels in the summer can be unbearable, healthy humidity in the winter is actually highly beneficial. Air in the winter tends to be drier, which is one reason it is known as cold and flu season.

Illnesses and viruses spread more easily in dry air than they do with healthy humidity levels. As long as your indoor humidity is between 30% and 50%, it is within the healthy range. You may prefer that your indoor humidity be slightly higher or lower within this range.

Not sure what level of humidity your home maintains? You can purchase a measurement tool called a hygrometer to measure your indoor humidity levels. If your humidity is too high or too low we can talk to you about your options for installing a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Lack of Circulation

At the same time, your home tends to be more closed-up in the winter. Even though it’s hot outside in the summer, we tend to open windows and doors to let fresh air inside. We don’t do the same thing in the winter when it is freezing cold out.

This can lead to higher indoor air pollution levels since clean air is not being circulated in with stale air as frequently. Higher concentrations of germs, bacteria, and other harmful particles may be in the air around your home. The air filter on your HVAC system can only do so much.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you are concerned about your indoor air quality, we encourage you to consider installing a whole house air purifier. These units are installed inside of your HVAC system, usually at the beginning of the ductwork. 100% of the air that blows through the system to enter your home passes through the air purifier to be cleaned. 

It can take part of that first day for all of the air in your home to circulate through the air purifier, but once it does the air in your home is more than 99% clean. A whole house air purifier runs around the clock to ensure that your air quality is constantly at a high level. The only maintenance is changing out the UV bulb or filter once per year. 

Contact Don’s AC Service, Inc today to schedule an appointment for your HVAC system and indoor air quality needs!

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