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How Air Purifiers Help With Allergies

Air purifiers are increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to improve their indoor air quality. There are a variety of types of air purifiers on the market. Some are smaller and designed to purify the air for a single room. Others install into your existing HVAC system and purify air before it ever blows into your home.

These are called whole house air purifiers. But even within these options, there are different levels of air purification. There are even different methods for purifying the air. Allergy concerns may have you interested in an air purifier in Saginaw, TX. If so, keep reading to learn about how air purifiers help with allergies so you can choose the right one for your home and family. 

Whole Home Air Purifier Benefits

If allergies are a concern, you do not want to invest in a small air purifier that is meant for a single room. Sure, it will be great for a small area of your house, but meanwhile allergens will circulate through the rest of your home. Many homeowners choose these smaller units in an effort to save money. But a small air purifier cannot do much for your home.

A whole house air purifier cleans the air before it ever blows through your air vents. It’s a great way to reduce a majority of allergens around your home with little effort. Then you don’t have to fight against allergens that are already in the air.

Allergens that an air purifier can remove include:

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Mold and mildew spores
  • Pollen

The problem with indoor allergens is that they blow around in your air and then settle on surfaces. Then, as you move around, you disturb the surfaces and cause the allergens to become airborne again. This cycle repeats itself constantly. When your air is purified, there are fewer allergens to get caught up in your air. Of course, there’s no way to get rid of 100% of all allergens, but reducing them is a great place to start. 

Choosing an Air Purifier

Different air purifiers have different ratings. They are rated by the size of particles they can remove from the air. Some only remove larger particles like dust and mold. Thee may still be allergens in your air with a lower-rated air purifier. Other air purifiers have highly specialized filters, usually called HEPA filters, which remove significantly more particles from your air. 

Some air purifiers are medical grade, and others completely sanitize the air. These stronger air purifiers are usually used in settings like hospitals, but it is still possible to get one for your home. And if you have severe allergies, it may be just what you need. When you read the label to learn more about a purifier, it should outline the various particles that it can remove from the air so you can make an educated decision.

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