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5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Your IAQ

Your home is your haven of peace and leisure. It is the place where you take refuge from any harmful elements. However, there are circumstances where your home makes you sick instead of being your abode of safety.  

Although poor indoor air quality is not something you can see, it matters as much as your central heating system. And this is how your HVAC in Saginaw, TX comes in. Suppose everything else is clean and your indoor air quality is terrible. In that case, your health and the people around you will be compromised. 

The indoor air quality can become a hazard with a severe impact on your comfort and health. These are signs that will lead you to conclude that you need to invest in your indoor air system.

1. Difficulty in Breathing and coughing

Difficulty in breathing and coughing are the most predominant poor indoor air quality symptoms that you will come across. Because there is not proper ventilation, the particles are concentrated in the air and cause difficulty in breathing.

The potent dust and other particles in the air will reduce the oxygen supplies in the room. Respiratory-related problems like coughing and breathing problems then arise. These could be fatal if not attended to quickly enough.

2. Skin Dryness and Irritability

Are you wondering why your skin is dehydrated and has rashes or an odd color? Although this could result from other causes, it could also result from poor indoor air quality. 

Too many pollutants concentrated in the air give bacteria a chance to latch on to your skin. They block the flow of nutrients, causing skin dryness. If you see that, your IAQ needs attendance.

3. Lack of Sleep

High levels of air pollution result can result in an inability to sleep. This lack of sleep could lead to impaired senses. More so, all your body organs require time to sleep to function correctly.

4. Sneezing and Allergic Reactions

Sneezing comes together with watery eyes and irritation in the throat and nose. Although these are also signs of reaction to hay fever, allergies, and other issues, the symptoms also stem from dirty indoor air.

5. Headaches and Nausea

If you experience lingering headaches without any other cause, check that your indoor air quality is good. Although other things could cause lousy air, poor indoor air is an excellent determinant of nausea and headaches.

6. Buildup of Dust

Dust building up in your air filters is a sign of poor indoor air quality, and you will need to address it quickly. Consider quickly fixing your problem or upgrading to an advanced air filter system.

In addition, clean the air vents regularly to manage the dust buildup in your house. Think of investing in a feather duster.

Bad Odor

Stale air allows unpleasant scents to linger in your home. Both pollen mold and chemical contaminants in the air could cause foul odors. Regular air duct cleaning or a quality HVAC service will address this. As soon as you have any smells lingering longer, it’s time to check your air vents.

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