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Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your House Enough

It’s possible to feel like your air conditioner is working, but not quite cooling your home as much as it should. Maybe your home is still comfortable, but you know that it could be better. You may have even adjusted to the lack of cooling so that you don’t even notice it as much anymore.

But, the bottom line is that there is still a problem with your air conditioner if it is not offering enough cooling for your home. You can put off addressing the problem, but eventually you’ll have to schedule service when your air conditioner breaks down completely. Instead, you should take preventive action and schedule air conditioning repair in Justin, TX, and stay ahead of your cooling problems. 

Lack of Refrigerant 

While it is true that all of your air conditioning components have to work together to provide cooling for your home, refrigerant arguably has one of the most important roles in cooling your house. The refrigerant charge in your air conditioner is designed to last for its entire lifetime. The only way that it can lose refrigerant is through a leak in the line. Sometimes a leak is so tiny that you cannot see it. 

But if you pay close attention, you may hear a bubbling or hissing sound that indicates a leak in the refrigerant line. Keep in mind that you only hear the sounds when your air conditioner is operating and the refrigerant is actively moving through the lines. The good news is, fixing a refrigerant line leak is fairly straightforward. Once we repair or replace the line, we can recharge a refrigerant and your air conditioner will work as good as new. 

Poor Airflow

It’s also possible that your refrigerant charge is completely full and your air conditioner is producing cold air, but it is just not reaching your home. If your air ducts are not placed properly, airflow can get trapped inside and never make it into your home. You may have an issue with just one room or with several. You can check for airflow problems by holding your hand up to various air vents while your air conditioner is on. You should feel a strong stream of cold air coming out of your air vents anytime your air conditioner is running. If the airflow feels weak, or you don’t feel any air at all, that is a problem. 

It’s also possible that there are holes in your system of ductwork that are allowing cold air to escape before it ever reaches your home. This can lead to your air conditioner staying on longer as it tries to cool your home to your desired temperature. Experts estimate that if you lose just 20% of the cold air that your air conditioner produces it can cost you 50% more on your energy bills each month. When we check for airflow problems, we will review both the placement of your air ducts, and the seals to make sure that everything is as it should be. If we need to repair any holes in your ductwork or reposition sections to improve airflow, we will.

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