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Are Ductless Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

Many homeowners are switching to ductless air conditioners. And when homeowners approach us with interest in a ductless unit, the number one question we get is regarding the air conditioner’s energy efficiency. After all, everyone wants to choose an AC unit that is a great long-term investment and energy efficiency is a huge part of that. 

If you’re interested in ductless AC installation in Saginaw, TX, our team is here to help. But if you want to learn more about the energy efficiency of ductless AC in the meantime, you can keep reading. We’re highlighting a few of the reasons that ductless air conditioners are a good option if you want a more efficient unit.

Zoned Cooling

One of the ways that ductless AC offers better energy efficiency is through cooling zones. The whole idea behind a ductless AC unit is that you essentially have an individual system for each room or zone of your house. It all depends on your floor plan. You may have a unit for individual rooms, or you may have a unit for a couple of rooms that are connected together. For example, your kitchen and dining room may share a unit, or a living room and office space may share a unit.

A ductless mini split AC system also offers the benefit of heating and cooling all in one. This means that you can control the temperatures in each room whether you want heating or cooling. After all, there are some in-between times of the year when one person may want to use heating and another wants to use cooling. With a ductless AC unit, you can have one room set to cooler temperatures and another room set to warmer temperatures without any problem.

Inverter Technology

A ductless system uses inverter technology to heat and cool your home. This means that your ductless unit can reach your desired temperature quicker and with less fluctuations in the room’s temperature. The idea behind inverter technology is that there’s more consistency in how the unit runs, so there are fewer spikes in voltage. This can improve your energy efficiency by using less electricity overall. It also offers you a more comfortable environment since the temperatures are more consistent.

How Much Can You Really Save? 

One of the downsides to installing a ductless AC is the higher upfront cost. It often costs much more to install a ductless AC unit and a more traditional HVAC system. It can be difficult to justify spending more for a product that offers similar results. However, the savings can quickly outweigh the additional cost when you consider how much less energy the system uses. 

Experts estimate that a ductless AC unit is up to 40% more efficient than other cooling system options. When you consider that you may spend $150 a month on energy use for heating and cooling, that’s a savings of $60 per month. Over a decade, that adds up to over $7,000 in savings on your monthly energy bills. So even if you’re spending more up front, you’ll also save more over the life of your ductless AC unit compared to other options.

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