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Reasons Your Furnace Keeps Shutting Off Early

Usually your heater operates in standard cycles. If it is turning on and off every few minutes, that’s a major red flag of something wrong. Your furnace is shutting off early and you may not know why. But our team is here to help.

Just give us a call to schedule furnace repair in Weatherford, TX. We can troubleshoot to figure out why your furnace keeps shutting off early and fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. You can keep reading to learn more about some of the common reasons that furnaces shut off early and why they are problematic.

Not Enough Airflow

Your furnace has three types of airflow. There is air coming into the system where the air filter is located. Then there are two streams of air leaving the furnace. One stream is the clean, heated air that blows into your home to warm it up. The other stream of air is exhaust air that channels outside so it doesn’t mix in with clean, heated air.

If any of these airflow streams are affected, it can have negative repercussions throughout your heater. For example, without enough airflow coming into the system to begin with, your furnace simply cannot produce heat. If your furnace has plenty of airflow going in, but the airflow leading either outside or into your home is blocked, that heat can get trapped. 

All of these problems add up to your furnace potentially overheating, either from working too hard or from having heat trapped inside and increasing the temperature. The result is that safety sensors inside of your furnace cause it to shut down early as a way of preventing fires.

Issues With the Thermostat 

It’s also possible that your thermostat is causing your furnace to shut down early during a heating cycle. If your thermostat is not measuring the indoor air temperature accurately, it may signal for your furnace to turn off before your home is warm enough. 

Alternatively, it may simply be signaling incorrectly to your furnace. There can be issues with the thermostat itself or with the sensors on your furnace that are receiving the signals from your thermostat. Our team can troubleshoot to pinpoint the exact problem and fix it.

Flame Sensor Problems

If you have a gas furnace, the flame sensor may be triggering the end of a heating cycle for a variety of possible reasons. For example, maybe the flame is not igniting to create the combustion process for heat. Or maybe the burner flame is staying on for too long after a heating cycle is complete.

No matter what is happening, the flame sensor is causing your furnace to turn off early during a heating cycle to prevent fire hazards and keep your home safe. When you fix the problem, the flame sensor will stop triggering an early shut-off and your furnace will work again as usual.

Contact Don’s AC Service, Inc today to schedule an appointment for furnace service, including maintenance and repairs!

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