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Can an AC Make a Home’s Air Too Dry?


Your air conditioner has an important job of improving your indoor air quality. It does this by helping you maintain a comfortable temperature, filtering out harmful particles and even managing humidity levels. But your AC can only do so much.

And in fact, sometimes it can make the air in your home feel too dry when the humidity gets removed. If you are concerned about your air conditioning in Saginaw, TX, you can give our team a call. Keep reading to learn more about how your AC removes humidity in the air and why the air in your home might feel too dry. 


When your air conditioner completes a cooling cycle, it brings air in through the grate where your air filter is located. Then it channels this air over the refrigerant lines to remove heat, lower the temperature of the air, and remove some of the humidity. This humidity gathers together and forms droplets that escape your home through the condensate drain line.

A healthy humidity level is usually somewhere between 30% and 50%. Humidity levels that are too low can be dry and have a negative health impact. Air that is too humid can feel hot and muggy and even pose risks like mold and mildew growth. But your air conditioner doesn’t have a way to maintain the perfect humidity level. Instead, it simply removes humidity from the air as it circulates through the system. Sometimes that results in too much moisture being removed from the air. 

The Affects of Dry Air

Air that is too dry can have a major impact on your sinus tissue. After all, your sinuses are largely made of very soft mucous membranes that need to remain moist in order to be healthy. Dry air can suck moisture from these membranes, resulting in elevated allergy symptoms and a higher likelihood of you getting sick. 

In the winter, dry air can also make your home feel colder than it really is. In the summer, you may want less humidity in the air because it naturally makes your home feel a little cooler. But in the winter, dry air can make your home feel too cold, leaving you setting the thermostat higher and higher in an attempt to warm your home. 

Do You Need a Humidifier? 

Many homeowners wonder if their home’s air is really too dry, or if it’s OK. There is only one way to know. You can purchase a humidity measure and keep it in your home to monitor humidity levels over time. If your humidity levels are not between 30% and 50%, you may want to invest in a whole-house humidifier installation. If your humidity levels are only a little low, you could also invest in a smaller single-room humidifier to boost humidity levels a little. 

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