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Alfred Westfall

I'd like to let you know how much I appreciated the crew that did the work today. There was never any harsh language and all had a job to do which they did well. The cleanup was very much appreciated.

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Gena Steelman, Last month

They installed a new unit for me last fall and came out for spring maintenance. Both times were great service, very professional, on time, and very reasonably priced!

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john goodman, Last month
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Skip & Betty Evans, Last month

Great company. The service people are great!

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mary howard, Last month
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Tabby Brinkley, This year
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Deborah Carrillo, This year

I am very happy with Dons AC. They are very attentive to the customer and take the time to explain repairs or anything that is needed when they are there. Each one of the gentleman has been very professional when they come out. There on my speed dial lately LOL

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Miche Valdez

Huge shout out to Dons AC!! Thank you for your kind gesture this morning. Very friendly!!!

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Tiffany Vess

I Called Them Today Around 1ish And They Were At My Rent House About 2pm. The tech guy who came was so sweet and respectful! This was all around a great experience!

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Bridgett Bass

We have had our units serviced and replaced by Don’s AC Service, and each time they have been top notch! We highly recommend them!