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Marc Vician's Profile Image
Marc Vician, Last week
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Joshua Wing, Last week

Don's AC was contracted to provide HVAC for our new home build. They're extremely fast, thorough and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend them to others.

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Dan Whiffin, This month

As a builder, I've had see some real goofball ac companys over the years.
These guys are the best.

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Deborah Wells, Last month
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Denise Selby, Last month

They have alway been honest and upfront with whatever I have needed

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Janis Rettig, Last month

Definitely five stars! Don's A/C always gives immediate response, and they are professional and honest. Very pleased and highly recommend.

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Its Grayson time TV, Last month

My AC was staying in the high 70's to mid 80's in my new small home with spray foam insulation. People kept telling me this was normal. This company kept coming out and didn't give up. We were desperate to find the problem and fix it. These guys tried their hardest and after a few weeks said we WILL find what's wrong and fix this and they did!!! I thought I was going to have to replace my unit. Another company came out and quoted me $14k. I told JD and he wasn't going to let me get ripped off like that. (I'm a single mom so people sometimes do that). These guys were great and really cared. Our house is finally cool!!! Thanks guys. I can't imagine how hard it is to get up in theses attics in record 100 degree temps. Appreciate what y'all do to keep families like mine cool.

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Jennifer Brocketto-Ashmore, Last month

Called them 30 min before closing and they still had someone the next day come out! In this Texas heat we were so worried it couldn't be fixed fast, but Don's A/C did it!! Fast friendly service! 100% recommended for your A/C needs. Ashmore Family

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Tracie Guyer, Last month
Deborah Castorena's Profile Image
Deborah Castorena, Last month

This is a phenomenal place. Many years ago, Don, serviced my grandfather's A/C unit and refused pay. My grandfather was in his upper eighties at the time. I have used them for twenty years or more. They installed a new Daikin water pump for me four years ago and my electric bill dropped quite a bit as Don told me it would. They have people on call 7 days a week and they strive to service you as soon as possible. Don has passed but his wife continues his legacy with the company offering the same great service and knowledge.