How Do I Know Which Air Conditioner Size is the Best for My Home?

Choosing the perfect AC unit size depends on many factors, such as window size, layout, ceiling insulation, just to name a few... Too small AC unit won’t adequately heat or cool your home, and the one that’s too large will be inefficient and expensive to run. We have years of design and installation experience - call Don’s AC Service, and we will be glad to help you with this.

Are Daikin Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is an important factor when purchasing an air conditioner.

Daikin are air conditioning specialists, and invest in research and development to continuously improve energy efficiency. Computer designed air control surfaces, proprietary inverter technology and intelligent eye sensors are just some of the factors which make Daikin air conditioners extremely energy efficient.

When Should I Clean my Air Filter?

You should clean your AC air filter when the filter light flashes. How often this will happen, mostly depends on the quality of the air in and around your home. For example, in more dusty or polluted environments you should clean your filters more regularly.

Also, there are a few factors that can affect the air filter's durability:

  • Type of filter
  • Do you have pets? If you do, you should clean it more often.
  • Number of occupants in the house (the more - the merrier, but also, dirtier, so you need to clean the air filter more often)

Of course, if you suffer from allergies, it is recommended to replace the filter more often.

How Expensive are Air Conditioning and Pump Systems?

A heat pump system can last between 20 and 25 years. Many factors can influence those costs: size of your home, the type and condition of the ductwork installed, and accessories you might need such as a thermostat or an electronic air cleaner.

Heat pumps come with expensive upfront costs, but can potentially cut your longterm energy costs. We offer a complete range of accessories available to meet all your needs, including your financial ones, so call us, and we will help you with the cost calculation, and find the best solution for your home.

What is HVAC System?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Best Air Conditioner for Mobile Homes?

There are several types of air conditioners for mobile homes, and each of them has its' own advantages.

There is no a one-size-fits all solution. And usually, a combination of units proves to be the best choise. Contact Don’s AC service, and we will present you with all Daikin’s products and help you choose the best one. We will help you select the perfect AC system for your home and then make sure it is properly installed and working smoothly from day one.

How Do I know if My AC System is Broken?

Your AC is probably broken, if you're experiencing some of the following:

  • Air Conditioner won’t turn on
  • System shuting down before or long after you're comfortable
  • A puddle of water next to your unit
  • The system emits strange sounds
  • The system needs much more time than usual to warm up and cool down
  • Bills are higher than usual...

If you notice any of these signs, you may have a problem that needs service. In most cases, the longer you wait, the worse any underlying problems will get.